Friday, 16 June 2017

The Grenfell fire

The story of the Grenfell Tower fire very deeply shocked me, in a way these things rarely do. September 11th was far away in a foreign country but this is my country. For a moment I thought that it was hubristic always to search for someone to blame when disasters happen but I very quickly saw that the management company and council had been very negligent.

Attempts to blame Boris Johnson or the Tories for this are unfair and in very bad taste but then life and politics are unfair and in very bad taste.

Theresa May has just been chased out of a church housing survivors from the Grenfell Tower fire. Did this happen before to a British Prime Minister? It is clear that this is being arranged by the Corbynistas and the far left.

Still she probably must go quickly. She is jinxed. The fact that she didn't visit the survivors straight away is telling, even though it only means she is shy and frightened of the public.

Shy politicians are unusual but there are some. It's one of several things Mrs May has in common with Mrs Clinton. Shyness is fine in a leader but being frightened is not.

Meanwhile, John McDonnell, shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, Trotskyite, admirer of the IRA bombers and advocate of 'direct action' (meaning insurrection against an elected government) is calling for riots. He thinks he's Lenin and there are many resemblances.

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  1. Oh I think it is quite fair Boris be painted with a little shame over the matter

    Even while he was trying to justify that cutting fire stations and firemen was saving lives he was telling labour assembly members to get stuffed while they pointed out he was putting Londoners lives at risk and lying to them.